Lee Baermann Fly Fishing The SurfSURF FLY FISHING

Surf Fishing Five Hour Outing 

$200.00 for one person, $50.00 for a second person for approximately 5 hours of service. $35.00 additional charge for a rod/reel with line while a stripping basket is $5.00.



Fly Fish The Surf PerchSurf Fishing Full Day Outing 

From May to September, I offer and full day of fishing, including lunch at a local restaurant. That's 8 hours on the water, plus a lunch break. That way we can get a rest and then move to new waters if need be. Fee is $300.00, $75.00 for an additional person.

For More Information …

Call me at (805) 486-8226 
Email me flyfishthesurf@yahoo.com


Lee Baermann Fly castingFly Casting Lessons

For many people who have only fly fished for trout, casting in the surf can be intimdating, especially sine you should be able to throw a cast  60 to 80 feet to be successful. if you fall in this category, I provide casting lessons for $80. We will meet at a local park and work on your casting for two  hours. The double-haul casting will wear you out quickly, that is why wee limit it to two hours.

For More Information …

Call me at (805) 486-8226 
or Email me flyfishthesurf@yahoo.com